On February 2, 2018, FCI Danbury’s Career Connections Program (CCP) and Wally Wood presented a valuable workshop to fifty inmates at FCI Danbury.  Mr. Wood is a counselor at SCORE, which is a resource partner of the Small Business Administration that provides counseling to small businesses and entrepreneurs nationwide.  This workshop was geared to help inmates develop effective time management skills which they can use in every aspect of their lives.  The attendees left encouraged, with new confidence, and with essential tools and direction to manage their time better, including ways to set smart goals, prioritize, defeat distractions and overcome procrastination.  The inmates felt Mr. Wood was “very informative”, “did a great job” and want him “to come back for more information”.

  “Mr. Wood did a great job.  He was very informative and I appreciate his insights.

“Mr. Wood’s presentation was well organized, very informative and educational, and I liked the practical examples.”

“Mr. Wood helped us to discuss how we can make the best use of our time here in prison.”

“I learned about the importance of time management in leading a successful personal and business life”.

“I gained clarity on much needed efforts and personal steps that I must take to better achieve my planned goals, and to be able to bring those goals to fruition.”

“I learned how to set smart goals, prioritize, defeat distractions and overcome procrastination.”


CCP Coordinator:  Darlene Castrovinci, FCI Danbury, 33 ½ Pembroke Station, Danbury, CT 06811  dcastrovinci@bop.gov 203-312-5446